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HEA Report - Rural Livelihood Zones, Malawi 2005

Between May and July 2003, the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (MVAC) conducted a livelihood rezoning exercise and an HEA baseline survey in 11 out of 17 livelihood zones in Malawi, 10 of which are discussed in this HEA report. These activities form the first stage in the establishment of a livelihood information and monitoring system within the MVAC that is designed to generate a deeper understanding of rural livelihoods, food access issues, and the ability of households from different wealth groups to cope with shocks and vulnerability. This report summarizes or ‘profiles’ some of the key descriptive information captured in the MVAC HEA livelihood baseline studies for each livelihood zone and wealth group. It provides a basic understanding of rural livelihood patterns in Malawi.

The Livelihood Zones (LZ) profiles covered in this HEA report are:

- Central Karonga
- Western Rumphi and Mzimba
- Mzimba Self-Sufficient Zone
- Nkhata Bay Cassava
- Kasungu Lilongwe Plain
- Southern Lakeshore
- Middle Shire Valley
- Phalombe Plain and Lake Chilwa Basin
- ThyoloMulanie Tea Estates
- Lower Shire Valley

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