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HEA LZ Profile - Borana-Guji Cattle Pastoral Livelihood Zone (BGP) Oromia Region, Ethiopia 2008

The Borena-Guji Cattle Pastoral (BGP) livelihood zone is situated in the southern most part of Ethiopia. It is an area sharing border with Kenya as well as a long border with the SNNP region. The zone cuts across the following woredas: Teltele, Yabello, Dugda Dawa, Arero, Dhas, Dire, Soda, Miyo, Liben, Bule Hora, Galana and Odo Shakiso.

The information presented refers to April 2006-March 2007, a good year by local standards. Provided there are no fundamental and rapid shifts in the economy, the information in this profile is expected to remain valid for approximately five years (i.e. until 2012).

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