Tools for Food Security and Nutrition Analysis

Household Economy Approach and Cost of the Diet

HEA LZ Profile - Sheka Cereal and Enset Livelihood Zone (WCE), SNNPR, Ethiopia 2005

The Sheka Cereal and Enset Livelihood Zone is found in the midland (woina dega) and highland (dega) areas of Sheka and Kaffa Administrative Zones, in Masha, Anderacha, Syalem, Gesha and part of Gewata woredas.

The information presented refers to July 2003-June 2004, a relatively average year by local standards (i.e. a year of average production and rural food security, when judged in the context of recent years). Provided there are no fundamental and rapid shifts in the economy, the information in this profile is expected to remain valid for approximately five years (i.e. until 2010).

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