Tools for Food Security and Nutrition Analysis

Household Economy Approach and Cost of the Diet

HEA Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past several years FEG the HEA experts have come across a range of situations and issues involving the tool’s adaptability and application in varying contexts. Drawing from lessons learned, FEG has honed the framework's capability to capture rich livelihoods data for emergency and development initiatives. FEG’s question and answer page aims to help HEA practitioners navigate through complex field obstacles and point towards solutions without compromising the framework’s renowned rigor.

The following topics are included in the FAQ page, click on each link to be directed to the relevant page:

Livelihood Zoning

Baseline Assessments Questions

Urban Area Assessments Questions

Pastoral Area Assessments Questions

Making HEA More Rapid

HEA and the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework

HEA and Other Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis Tools

HEA and Power, Conflict and Political Economy

HEA and Nutrition

Distinguishing Between Chronic and Transitory Food Insecurity

HEA & Groups of Special Interest

Market Assessment